Computer Help & Repair



Do you have a sluggish and lagging computer? Is junk-ware bogging down your productivity? Is inadequate memory getting the best of you? We can help you overcome all such headaches.



If you’re trying to work with a broken computer, we can fix the problem and get you operational and smiling once again. Don’t let your computer get the best of you and stress you out!



Are you in need of computer upgrades but have just been putting it off or simply don’t know whom to call? We can be your solution. We specialize in upgrading computers to the most recent updates and improvements.


Virus & Malware Removal

If your computer has gotten infected with a virus and is acting sick, we can eradicate the little nasties for you. We’ve got top-notch software to banish such invaders.



Do you just need a helping hand to get your computer installed and operational, so you can focus on the important stuff? We are happy to get you all set up so you can be up and running and happy once again!